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The Necessary Accessory!

Printed lanyards aren't just an inexpensive way to give your employees cool badge holders, these custom lanyards can be used for advertising and boosting employee morale. The identification cards people wear around their necks are as much a part of company dress code as wearing jeans on Casual Friday. ID badges are worn for reasons of security and identification, and they're required. Since that's the case, you might as well offer your valued employees some type of cool neck lanyard or other badge accessories. Doing so will ensure they wear their IDs properly and have a handy way to keep them readily available.

Printed Neck Lanyards 101

There are three main methods used in imprinting ID lanyards:

  • Dye Sublimation: This is an excellent because of the wide range of colors and the fact that the lanyards are very durable.
  • Silk Screening: This method also produces a good quality lanyard and the reproduction of colors is not too bad.
  • Hot Stamping: This is a very fast and efficient way to get a large number of lanyards at a reasonable cost, especially if you are giving them away as promotional freebees at a trade show or convention.

Promotional Badge Lanyards

You can purchase a wide range of promotional ID accessories for your lanyards, such as clips, hooks and retractable reels. Even with these accessories you have many different choices in the type of reels and clips to securely hold the ID badges. Retractable reels come in round plastic discs in various colors and you can choose to have common bull dog clips or J clips. You've been to trade shows, so you understand how people just love to get "free stuff". Here's the perfect opportunity for you to give something for practically nothing. Give away colorful lanyards or badge reels imprinted with your logo, and it'll keep your name in front of potential clients and partners. It's a cheap way to advertise.



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