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Why You Should Wear a Lanyard

By now, you should have come to the conclusion that the lanyard is your friend. Even if you don't need one to fire your cannon or secure the rigging on your sailboat, you could probably use one the hold your ID badge for work or school. An ID lanyard is a much simpler solution than putting your ID card in your wallet or attaching it with a clip. Use a lanyard in combination with a little badge reel, and you may never have to take off your ID again.

If you're one of those increasingly rare individuals who doesn't wear an ID badge, don't let that stop you from using lanyards. Want to keep a spare house-key on your person, just in case? Put it on a lanyard around your neck. Going hiking? A compass on a lanyard would be handy. Have a pair of eyeglasses you need only for occasional tasks, like reading? Wear them on a neck lanyard. And there's always the beaded lanyard. On those days when it's raining and the kids can't go outside, and Barney and Blue's Clues just aren't working, sit your bundles of joy down with some leather laces, a few beads, and put them to work. At the very least, you'll get a nice keychain for the grandparents.


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Where the heck did the term "lanyard" come from, and what exactly defines a lanyard, anyway?


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