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The Lanyard's Contribution to Modern Security

Sadly, the tragic events of 9/11 have stirred a greater interest in security everywhere, and any industry associated with security needs has boomed. Of course there are the active security devices like metal detectors, x-ray machines, and bomb sniffers, but just as important are the more passive items like ID badges and their associated ID lanyards. Even there all the attention tends to be focused on those flashy badges, with their magnetic strips, embossed holograms, microprinting, and other security features, while hardly anyone thinks of the poor hardworking badge lanyards, which undertake the task of holding up these wonders of modern technology. Like the all-important neck, which does all the support while the head gets all the attention, the ID lanyard often goes ignored -- except when it's needed.

Entrepreneurs don't ignore lanyards, though: as any economist will tell you, where there's a niche market, someone will fill it. Badge lanyards are a big business today, as even a casual perusal of the Internet can tell you. All kinds of companies have gotten into the act, from basic security companies to providers of fabrics and webbing. Even makers of shoelaces have tapped into a new source of revenue by attaching breakaway hardware to the end of their products and calling them lanyards.


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Where the heck did the term "lanyard" come from, and what exactly defines a lanyard, anyway?


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