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When it comes to ordering custom printed lanyards -- remember two words -- comfort and style. Everything else is secondary. ID lanyards are very popular with employees of both large and small companies because they are the most convenient way to ensure they have their ID badge with them at all times. But the bottom line is - if the lanyard isn't comfortable it is practically useless. Wearing something around your neck all day can become a nuisance, especially if you have to bend down a lot. But don't despair if you find yourself constantly tossing your neck lanyard back over your shoulder to keep it out of the way. There are some excellent alternatives that you may want to consider purchasing to have on hand in addition to your regular neck lanyard. For example:

  • Retractable reels that clip to a belt
  • Magnetic pocket badge holders
  • Wrist lanyards coils

Personalized lanyards - for the young and young at heart!

Today's working class are not the only folks who benefit by wearing lanyards. School children, nurses, teachers and anyone who needs to keep track of anything from a badge to a set of keys can benefit from a great lanyard. If your small child needs to carry a house key - get them a cool looking neck lanyard and they can keep it safely around their neck. Perhaps your grandmother in the nursing home would enjoy wearing a pretty lanyard that has a picture of her grandchildren clipped to it. Take a look at anyone in the health care profession and you will see that these folks know all about style and design! When you have to wear a uniform all day - sometimes the only thing you can use to accessorize it is a beautiful beaded lanyard.

Lanyard designs for that customized look

The different designs available are limited only by your imagination. You can order a lanyard online that has everything on it from "WWJD?" to "I Love Dachshunds!" How about a nice red, white and blue patriotic lanyard? What about a lanyard with angels on it? Dog breeds, football teams or favorite causes - you are sure to find design that is just right for you.



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