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Custom Lanyards:
Printed Lanyards - An Advertising Dream Come True

Using custom lanyards to promote your favorite cause or business is one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise! These little straps that are worn around the neck to support security badges are certainly not a new idea. There are literally hundreds of different designs, colors and styles available for printed lanyards. When most of us think of custom made lanyards, we think of the black cords our identification badge cards, hang from. Today's ID lanyards come in many different styles besides the typical necklace strap. Cool designer colors and designs can help make any promotional idea a huge success. And the bottom line is - if the badge holder accessories are cool looking - people will wear them.

Custom printed lanyards: The price is right -- cheap!

Marketing gurus aren't the only ones who like to save a buck or two. How about us common folk who have to wear these promotional accessories around our necks all day? All for a couple of bucks (the reels and clips cost a little extra). In addition to being great promotional tools, lanyards imprinted with your logo can strengthen worker solidarity and morale. Everyone needs a good lanyard - from Olympic competitors to doctors. It's very common for people to have a variety of different types:

  • Necklace
  • Wrist
  • Magnetic
  • Clips
  • Retractable Reels

See the light - with a glow in the dark custom lanyard

Ok, maybe a glow in the dark lanyard isn't quite what you had in mind. But knowing they exist gives you an idea of the wide range of styles available. Whether you want them to be simply functional or make a Feng-Shui fashion statement, you'll find a design to suit the statement you want to make. Take a badge lanyard, add a clip and a reel, and you've got yourself a nice setup, ideal for both showing your identification and getting you through magnetic security locks. And with the price of a neck badge holder being so affordable - why not order one for every day of the week?



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Where the heck did the term "lanyard" come from, and what exactly defines a lanyard, anyway?


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