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Beaded Lanyards:
Beaded Patterns That Can't Be Beat!

Beaded lanyards are one way to showcase your id badge in style. And the great selection of beaded lanyard patterns available today can be as individual as you are. Sure you can wear a boring black neck lanyard if you want - but why do that when you can buy a nice beaded style identification badge holder? Were not just talking about the teeny tiny plastic beads you used to work with at summer camp either! Of course, you can still get that type of bead - but beads come in so many cool styles today. Simple or bold you can choose from these trendy designer styles.

  • Crystals
  • Polished stones
  • Clear, frosted or colored glass
  • Faux Pearls or gemstones
  • Bali Beads
  • Alphabet Beads
  • Glow in the dark
  • Gold tone or Silver tone

Beads don't have to be round

You can get beads in many different shapes other than round. Oblong or square, octagonal or linear - you name it - they make a bead shaped like it. You can find beads shaped like your favorite animal or hobby; boats, celestial stars, angels, dolphins, footballs and more. They even make beads that glow in the dark and there are textures galore! Ladies can have a beaded custom lanyard made to look like a fashionable piece of jewelry. And while women are generally the wearers of the beaded style badge holder, gentlemen can certainly have sports lanyards in a nice beaded style made using their favorite team colors.

Cool beaded badge lanyards

If you have to wear one, you may as well look good doing it. Lanyards made of beads are so affordable that you can have more than one and accessorize them with your entire wardrobe! You just have to have a basic black and a summer white, oh and don't forget about the neutral shades.and the fun fluorescent pinks and the Christmas and Halloween beads... and... and...



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