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All ID Card Badges Need Great Neck Lanyards

Badge lanyards are more than just convenient ways to display identification badges. These days almost everyone wears some sort of neck lanyards or badge clip reels. In fact, these little straps have become so much a part of our every day lives that they are now a standard part of getting dressed in the morning. They're ideal for any events where you need to display your identification quickly. Whatever the purpose, ID lanyards and badge accessories (like straps and reels) are inexpensive and stylish. Promotional badge lanyards are also a great way to advertise.

Breakaway, Flat, Beaded or Braided - It's All Good!

There are a huge variety of lanyard accessories, such as clips and hooks that hold the badge in place. If you have to constantly show your badge, you might like to have a retractable reel with a strap that pulls out from the reel and then snaps quickly back into place. Another type of lanyard you can have is the breakaway model. These are safety badge holders so that if the badge gets caught, it will break away from the lanyard and allow you to easily get free. If you've ever been caught in the revolving door at work - because you couldn't get to your badge quick enough to swipe the magnetic strip - you get the idea.

All lanyards are not created equal

Beware the chain that turns your neck green or makes you break out in a rash! There's nothing worse than badge neckware that rubs or pokes you all day. Badge lanyards are supposed to make your life easier - not more complicated. You want one that slips on and off easily over your head. To ensure you order the correct length you can use a piece of string as a measurement tool. Attach your badge to it and see what length is most comfortable to you. Many people like a length size of 26" or 28". And some people prefer a longer size like 30" or more. Besides, the further down your body the "mug shot" photo hangs - the less likely people are apt to focus on it while you are talking to them...



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