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Custom printed lanyards are very popular with both large and small companies so that the lanyards their employees wear reflect the company name and logo. Many volunteers also wear ID lanyards when they are helping out at an event so that the public can easily identify people from whom they can get information. One thing you do have to look at when ordering the lanyards to hold ID badges for your employees is that they need to be comfortable.

Uses of Lanyards

Companies and volunteer organizations are not the only ones that use lanyards for identification purposes. Some other examples of how they are used include:

  • School children wear them when they are on school trips
  • People attending a seminar wear a lanyard around their neck with a name tag attached so that they can get to know each other.
  • Personalized lanyards bearing the name of a school

Wearing something around your neck all day can become a nuisance, if you have to bend down a lot. You might find that you are constantly throwing the lanyard back over your shoulder to keep it out of the way. Some alternatives that you can consider are having retractable reels that clip onto a belt or pocket. When you have to show the ID, all you do is pull it up from the reel. The strap in the reel extends 26 inches and then it retracts when you let it go.

You can also have a variety of accessories for lanyards in addition to having them imprinted with various logos or messages. Custom lanyards are available in almost any color that you can think of because of the imprinting process. You can choose to have breakaway badge holders, which is really useful for people working around machinery. The clips on these holders are actually safety devices so that if the badge gets caught, it will break away from the lanyard.



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Custom Lanyards - Wear Your Company Name With Pride!
Having custom lanyards allows you to tailor the lanyards to your company's or organization's needs.

Order Your Custom Printed Lanyards Online
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