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Buying custom lanyards is an exciting idea when you think about all the choices that you have available. For companies, using printed lanyards is a really personal touch and is a great alternative to using plain, boring black strap ties. You can have the lanyard imprinted with any logo or message you wish. When employees have to wear lanyards to hold their ID badge at work, it makes sense for the company to have attractive custom designed lanyards that they will enjoy wearing.

How lanyards are imprinted

There are three main methods used in imprinting ID lanyards. These are:

  • Dye Sublimation. This is the choice of many in printed lanyards because of the wide range of choices in colors and the fact that the lanyards are very durable. The only thing is that with custom lanyards printed in this manner, you will have to wait longer to receive your order.
  • Silk Screening. This method also produces a good quality lanyard and the reproduction of colors is not too bad.
  • Hot Stamping. This is very fast and efficient way to get a large number of lanyards at a reasonable cost, especially if you are giving them away as promotional tools at a trade show.

Lanyard Accessories

You can purchase a wide range of accessories for your lanyards, such as clips, hooks and reels with 26 inch straps. Even in the accessories you have choices in the type of reels and clips to hold the badges. Reels come in round plastic discs in various colors and you can choose to have the common bull dog clips or the J clips. In the line of custom lanyards, you can choose any color you want and although there are standard widths, you also have a choice here as well.



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Custom Lanyards - Wear Your Company Name With Pride!
Having custom lanyards allows you to tailor the lanyards to your company's or organization's needs.

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