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Beaded Lanyards: Dress For Work In Style

Beaded lanyards add a creative touch to the plain looking metal of corded lanyards that you are used to wearing. The beaded lanyard patterns come in many different designs. And now worries - they come ready made and very affordable through our online merchants! In occupations where employees are required to have their identification badges on them at all times, there are many different types of beaded badge holders they can wear around their necks or even wrists for that matter.

Different bead designs for your badge holders

When you decide to use beaded neck lanyards, you can choose several designs. These include:

  • Different colors of beads that form a pattern
  • Crystals and other stones in the design to make the holders really unique
  • Beads that look like a nice piece of jewellery around your neck
  • Custom lanyards to match a theme, such as Christmas or Halloween

Of course you can have custom printed designs as well. These can have a logo or message printed on them to suit the company's logo or mission statement. For example, a volunteer at a fund raising even might wear a lanyard with the organization's name or message around his/her neck to hold his/her nametag.

You can also have a variety of accessories for the lanyard, such as clips and hooks that hold the badge in place. If you have to constantly show you badge, you might like to have a retractable reel with a strap that pulls out from the reel. Another type of lanyard you can have is the breakaway model. These are safety badge holders so that if the badge gets caught, it will breakaway from the lanyard and allow you to easily get free.



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Beaded lanyards are only one of the many designs you can get in a when you need a lanyard to hold your ID. Our beaded lanyard patterns showcase many textures, styles and colors. © 2007 all rights reserved.