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Badge Lanyards- A Convenient Way to Display Your ID

Badge lanyards that are worn around the neck make it possible for employees to always have their identification badges on them. They don't have to go hunting around in pockets and purses to get into the building when they wear neck lanyards. Once you start wearing these lanyards, they become a standard part of getting dressed in the morning. With lanyards you are not bound to wear any particular style. Most likely the company will supply the lanyard that it has imprinted with a logo or message. Sometimes employees choose their own lanyard for their badges and these can include:

  • Beaded patterns
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton

Reasons for identification badges

There are many reasons why people wear ID lanyards. In hospitals, for example, you see all the staff wearing neck lanyards. This is mainly so that the visiting public and patients will know whom they need to ask for information or directions. It also tells them that this person is supposed to be working here. The use of lanyards in high security buildings is mandatory for the employees to enter and exit a building.

You can choose to have a breakaway clip on the badge holder so that if the badge gets caught and there is a lot of force pulling on it, the clip will open and let the badge free. In high security areas where it is possible that someone might try to steal your identification badge, then the non-breakaway clips are used. You can also have a retractable reel that clips onto your belt with a strap that extends 26 inches. This eliminates the need for wearing a lanyard around your neck all day. Lanyards also come in a wide range of colors and you can even have them imprinted with the name of a favourite hockey or football team.



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Badge Lanyards- A Convenient Way to Display Your ID
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