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Order Your Custom Printed Lanyards Online
Custom printed lanyards are available in every color of the rainbow and you can have any message imprinted on them.


Printed Lanyards: Try these on for size
Printed lanyards aren't just an inexpensive way to give your employees cool badge holders, these custom lanyards can be used for advertising and employee solidarity.

















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Where the heck did the term "lanyard" come from, and what exactly defines a lanyard, anyway?


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Badge Lanyards- A Convenient Way to Display Your ID
Badge lanyards are very commonplace and there are a wide variety of neck lanyards and other designs available.

Beaded Lanyards: Dress For Work In Style
Beaded lanyards are only one of the many designs you can get in a when you need a lanyard to hold your ID. Our beaded lanyard patterns showcase many textures, styles and colors. © 2007 all rights reserved.