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Custom Lanyards - Wear Your Company Name With Pride!
Having custom lanyards allows you to tailor the lanyards to your company's or organization's needs.


The Tao of ID lanyards
One thing you need with ID badges is ID lanyards. Custom lanyards are among the most efficient and effective ways to carry your badge with you at all times.

















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Where the heck did the term "lanyard" come from, and what exactly defines a lanyard, anyway?


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Badge Lanyards- A Convenient Way to Display Your ID
Badge lanyards are very commonplace and there are a wide variety of neck lanyards and other designs available.

Beaded Lanyards: Dress For Work In Style
Beaded lanyards are only one of the many designs you can get in a when you need a lanyard to hold your ID. Our beaded lanyard patterns showcase many textures, styles and colors. © 2007 all rights reserved.