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ID Lanyards:
The Best Custom Lanyards Have Style!

ID lanyards are one of the greatest inventions of all times. Never heard of them? Sure you have - you just didn't know what they were called. Many people wear custom lanyards every day without giving them a second thought. They're those nifty accessories that enable you to wear your ID Badge "stylishly" around your neck. Today's lanyards come in many different designs besides the typical black necklace strap. Breakaway or not, printed or plain, badge-holder lanyards are simply a necessity. Many people are required to wear badges for security or identification purposes, and its human nature to want to personalize even these accessories. The market has grown to fit this need, so why not take advantage of an excellent selection and great prices!

Awesome deals on cool badge lanyards!

ID supplies and badge lanyards have acquired new life as carriers of our plastic identification cards. Promotional badge lanyards are also a great way to advertise because they are very affordable. Think about it - you're paying very little for advertising that people can wear around their necks! We believe that as long as we have to wear these badge holder accessories they may as well be cool looking, comfortable and functional! Lanyards can be personalized for your specific business, sport or school and they come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. Types of lanyards ID badge holders include:

  • Double id card holders
  • "Yoyo" holders
  • Retractable reels
  • Magnetic
  • Beaded
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Custom, imprinted
  • Sports lanyards
  • Breakaway styles
  • Neck, pocket, wrist coils, clips

Stylin' -- with just the right necklace badge holders!

These "elegant nooses" have acquired new life as carriers of the plastic identification cards and badges we've all become so familiar with. As we run out the door in the morning - there are two things we make sure we always have - our keys and our id badge. Badge holder necklaces are all the rage and they have quickly become staples in our wardrobes. Many consumers own several badge holders in different styles and colors. Women especially like a variety to match with different outfits and apparel. They vary from plain cords to breakaway retractable reels that snap back in place without ever leaving your possession. Whatever you're looking for - you're sure to find the perfect identification lanyard right here!

If you have any questions please email Jesse Appell Speaker.


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